The benefits of a portable PA system

When you look for a PA system you should bombard the advisor with as much information as possible. Information that is useful includes how many people you need to broadcast to, what the sizes of the venues you normally play are, how will you use the system (live performance, making announcements, acoustic sessions or heavy guitar sessions) and also revealing if it need to be portable or outdoor proof.

If you are looking for a PA system that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use for a complete system you should aim to get one with a 12V rechargeable battery which charges when the system is simply plugged into the mains, it houses both a CD player with USB port for MP3 playback and a UHF Radio Microphone receiver which should come with a handheld radio microphone as standard.

It is recommended getting a Portable PA System which has the following features incorporated: 200W Music Power, 12V Rechargeable Battery that has a 10 Hours Charge Time ' this should be sufficient for most pa system users.

If you want a portable PA system you should make sure the whole unit is portable with wheels and a pullout handle for manoeuvring and a pole mount for sitting on top of a speaker stand this will ensure you can take it anywhere you like.

If you intend on using your pa system for multipurpose I would recommend getting a remote control which can be used with the CD player which on board. In addition to a CD player you should be able to have the option of a cassette deck and extension speakers.

Ideally you should get around 6 Hours Music Play whilst running on battery with around 10 Hours Speech Time whilst on the battery. With regards to input and output you should be looking for microphone inputs and 1 line input, with additionally an active output with line out and speaker out.

Get one with an onboard voice priority circuit operated by a single switch will enable the music to be mixed discreetly into the background whilst announcements are being made over the microphone making it a very versatile for professionals and beginners alike.

A system with just one single speaker will need some extra power. Try buying additional active or passive units to add and supplement the sound from a large range of PA systems. We recommend buying the pa system with a single lightweight speaker stand and a waterproof cover to ensure it remains portable and even use it in wet conditions.

The microphone is important on a pa system. I would recommend that you get with the above average spec for clear speech. This will most likely to be on the 863 - 865MHz Frequency Range utilizing UHF.

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